Liberia Schools

Ganta, Monrovia and Paynesville, Liberia

Directors: Benjamin and Mandu Tomah

Liberia, Africa

Written by Blake Weatherby on .

In 2004 when Feed My Lambs Liberia opened its doors, there was only one school with 50 children and all volunteer teachers. Today, there are three schools operating in Liberia, with 40 teachers on the payroll, and a total enrollment of 750 students from preK-6th grade!

Feed My Lambs Liberia teachers are equipping the students with a solid educational foundation by holistically providing Liberian-based education and Biblical instruction. These are the foundational years for the students, and what they learn in school they are taking it into their homes. We are seeing evidence of the power of God in our families here in Liberia. 

Liberia Updates

Written by Blake Weatherby on .

Feed My Lambs Liberia began in 2004 with one school, 50 children and all-volunteer teachers following the conclusion of the 14-year Liberian civil war that nearly brought the country to collapse.  Today, we are blessed to have three schools serving 900 children in grades pre-K – 6.  One school is in Ganta and two are in Paynesville. 

We are blessed, too, with the fine leadership of Pastor Benjamin Tomah and his wife Mandu, as well as a devoted staff of 30 now-salaried teachers who dedicate their lives developing these Liberian children spiritually, academically, physically and socially, to help them thrive as they grow up in this war-torn country.  Because the reach and resources of the Liberian government remain severely constrained, efforts by community-building, non-government groups such as Feed My Lambs play a key role in rebuilding the country.  We are thankful that God has placed us in Liberia to work with the Tomahs and our teachers to reach and teach His children there.

SKD Boulevard, 72nd Street, Paynesville, Montserrado County, Liberia

Written by Blake Weatherby on .

There are three locations of Feed My Lambs schools in Liberia. The first was established at the end of the fourteen year long Liberian civil war in 2003. This vision of a school was first conceived by Pastor Benjamin & Mandu Tomah. While they were visiting the United States in February, 2003, the idea to start a FML school in Liberia was relayed to Mr. and Mrs. Kells & Elizabeth Weatherby and they immediately incorporated Feed My Lambs Liberia into their programs. Since October of 2003, Feed My Lambs Liberia has been educating lots of post-war devastated Liberian children. Feed My Lambs Liberia is teaching both the Liberian school curriculum and instilling Christian values of the pupils using the Bible.