Poverty is hungry bellies and drafty winter homes, a painful reality for 16 million U.S. children. Even worse, poverty darkens not just children’s todays, but also their tomorrows: Children growing up in poverty face lower IQ levels, developmental delays, crime, teen pregnancy, and – perhaps worst of all – a continued cycle of living below the poverty line.

But you can help. You can help us help them. Because research shows that early intervention works: Education and love sown today grow stronger children tomorrow.

For 23 years, Feed My Lambs has been planting education and love in the lives of vulnerable boys and girls and has harvested brighter futures for 11,000 children. Today, Feed My Lambs is growing 1,600 stronger children in our tuition-free Christian preschools throughout Georgia, Mexico and Africa, funded solely through contributions of generous seed-sowers like you. Help us grow more.

Children Need Preschool

At Feed My Lambs preschools, children are building active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts, developing school-readiness to learn how to read and write – a direct path up and out of poverty. The High/Scope Perry Preschool study (2005) reports that every dollar spent on preschool programs yields a $16.14 return on investment by saving government spending on education, the criminal justice system and public assistance, while increasing tax revenues.

Children Need Nutrition

Your support lets us provide nutritious food to hungry children; students at Feed My Lambs enjoy two full meals every school day. Adequate nutrition is essential in ages zero through three, a child’s fundamental growth period for the neurological architecture of the brain and central nervous system. Lack of nutrition in children of all ages can cause learning difficulties, poor concentration, and even social-emotional problems.

Children Need Love

At Feed My Lambs we not only provide education and nutrition, we also show each child that they are loved by us, and more importantly, loved by God. Providing love is just as important as the other aspects. Research shows children need love in order to feel accepted, build their self-esteem, and be hopeful about the future.

At Feed My Lambs we are growing stronger children by loving them, educating them and teaching them the Word of God.

Help us plant love and education in the lives of more vulnerable children, growing stronger children and harvesting brighter futures one child at a time.

Come sow with us!

Become a Seed-Sower today to grow stronger children and harvest brighter futures.  Recommend amounts are:

  • $60 a month
  • $720 one time donation grows a stronger child for one year

Your seed sowing donation, of any amount, will help Feed My Lambs continue to sow education and love today to grow stronger boys and girls tomorrow.