Regita Johnson

We are so thankful and grateful to God and to you for allowing my son, Caleb, to be a part of this great program. As a parent, it was very important that Caleb attend a preschool program where he is taught and grows up with a solid Biblical foundation. Until now, he was at home. Since attending Feed My Lambs he is doing great! He loves his school, his teachers and all the kids in his class. Since being in school, I have seen a total transformation in him. He is more outgoing, confident, and has a higher self-esteem.

Caleb’s favorite time of the day is when he gets to participate in praise and worship; he comes home singing and is eager to share the songs with us. He recently came home and said, “Mommy we prayed in a circle and I learned that God isn’t just my friend, but he is my Father. Jesus is my friend and I love God.” That touched my soul. Praise God for the spiritual foundation my son is receiving. Thank you so much for your support, and giving into this ministry. It makes a big difference in Caleb’s life.

God bless and thank you!