Tanzi Mitchell

I’m Tanzi Mitchell. I am 18 years old, and I’ve been involved with Feed My Lambs for the last 14 years. When I was four years old, Mrs. Elizabeth knocked on the door of my apartment in Johnny Walker and asked my mother, Bobby Mitchell, if I could come to school at Feed My Lambs, the new preschool opening up across the street from where I lived. My Mom said yes if she could come with me. In the fall of 1994, me and my mother both became a part of Feed My Lambs and we have been a part of this ministry ever since then.

I was home schooled my whole life, so I was able to go to work with my mom and help her out in her class room from the time I graduated from Feed My Lambs in 1995. The older I got, the more I was able to help out in the classroom. I volunteered my time at Feed My Lambs up until 2 years ago; then I got a paid position as an assistant teacher. Last year I became lead teacher. I am continuing as a lead teacher this coming school year.

I am sure I learned more at Feed My Lambs than I could have anywhere else. God says to come to Him as children, and what better way to learn how to do that than to work with children every day. I also learned how to be a leader, I learned how to be a servant, and most importantly to follow the order God gives to everyone which is to “go into all the world and preach the gospel.” I may not leave the country, but right here in my home town I spend every day teaching children about Jesus, and showing them God’s love.